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    Spare Parts

    A spare part is an interchangeable part that is kept in an inventory and used for the repair or replacement of failed parts.

    * RO Membrane with Housing
    * UF Membrane
    * Conductivity, PH Transmitter
    * FRP Vessel with Multiport Valve
    * RO Logic Controller
    * Micron Filter
    * Air Blower
    * Heat Exchanger (Plate type)
    * Chemical Dosing Pumps (Brand - Prominent, Thailand)
    * Filter Press
    * Diffuser
    * Clarifier
    * Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauges

    Consumable Items

    Parts that are not repairable, are considered consumable items. Consumable items are usually scrapped, or "condemned", when they are found to have failed.

    * Ion Exchange Resin
    * Iron Removal Resin
    * Activated Carbon
    * Anthracite
    * MnO_2
    * Birm Media
    * Sand, Pebbles, Gravels




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